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Mental Wellness Coaching

Compass Recovery Coaching | Stephen Nawotniak

Guidance and Inspiration

Life throws many surprises at us, and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we respond to them. With my coaching sessions, you'll have a template to customize a plan from

3 simple steps...

1.  Shift your relationship with your experience.

​2. Clarify your values.

​3. Develop a plan to implement those values into a lifestyle.

Stephen Nawotniak, OTR/L, NYCPS

Stephen Nawotniak

Emotional Peace: Strategies for Mental Health & Wellness

Compass Recovery Coaching | Mental Wellness

To really live a life filled with hope and freedom, you need to have an approach that puts your values into action while softening any discomfort you are experiencing.

This program uses concepts informed by proven strategies such as Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Wellness Recovery Action Plans (WRAP), Peer Support, Occupational Therapy, and my personal experience of successfully living with a bipolar condition.

Stephen Nawotniak, OTR/L, NYCPS

Stephen Nawotniak

Available Books to Increase Your Success

Bipolar Life Hacks | Stephen Nawotniak

Relying on my experience as an occupational therapist, I focus on constructing a meaningful quality of life using life skills that are effective and important for everybody while addressing and accommodating the needs unique to a bipolar disorder. I explore the intervention approaches of developing skills, modifying tasks, providing tools, modifying contexts, adapting environments, and developing task alternatives that allowed me to differentiate my diagnosis from my personality. 

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So I have a bipolar condition…now what?  If you are like me, simply coping with the symptoms of the condition gets old.  Living life in the paradigm of being sick gets old.  So since we have a condition that is going to be with us for life, how do we live life without thinking we are sick all the time?


The pursuit of that question led me to the following conclusion:  It is about building life skills, not coping with symptoms that lead to a fulfilling life.

Childrens Books

Mubu the Morph (3 book series)

Mubu The Morph

Mom's Choice Award Winning Children's Books

The award winning Mubu the Morph series is published by People Ink Press and a portion of all book sales goes to People Inc.  People Inc is the leading non-profit human services agency serving Western New York and the Greater Rochester region.


The Mubu the Morph series are award winning children's books on self esteem for ages 4-8.  The series consists of books for kids on character development and books for special needs children.

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Compass Recovery Coaching

Helping you tune into your own greatness so you can take the

steps needed to overcome mental obstacles and live your best life

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